Ecodrop Organic Face Cream | Advanced Non-Greasy Daily Facial Cream For Women

Made with 100% All Natural Ingredients | Moisturiser & Anti Ageing Treatment| Vegan | Eco Packaging

  • 🌿 SAFE & NATURAL – Our face cream is a light and non-greasy 100% all natural and organic day cream suitable for oily, dry, normal and even sensitive skin. It uses essential nutrients found in nature to keep your skin fresh, youthful, healthy and toxin free.
  • 💧 MOISTURISES YOUR SKIN – This effective facial cream assists in providing your skin’s moisturising needs. It hydrates dry skin with coconut oil, long considered to be one of nature’s most effective natural skin softener and moisturiser.
  • ☀️ SUPPORTS YOUR SPF – This daily cream contains Vitamin E oil, which absorbs UVB light or what is responsible for burning skin. Vitamin E makes SPF-free skin take longer to burn, slowing sun damage down. It won’t take the place of your SPF product but will work with it to make it more effective.
  • 👩 ANTI ACNE AIDE – The cream also helps skin deal with mild acne naturally. Rose Otto’s astringent properties remove excess oil as Sweet Almond Oil moisturises but is also non-comedogenic and won’t clog your pores. Lavender oil’s antibacterial qualities then act to further protect you skin.
  • 😊 RESTORES & RELAXES – Ecodrop’s daily face cream contains pure organic tea tree oil with antiseptic properties that heals all kinds of skin “illnesses” including acne and other infections. It also contains skin calming organic Chamomile essential oils that reduce redness and irritation as soon as applied.


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